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Health Insurance

Health Insurance Simplified

Looking for Florida affordable health insurance? At John Douglas Insurance, our expert agents simplify the process, all without additional costs or fees. Explore individual plans and family insurance options with monthly premiums starting at $0.

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We’re proud to be your local agency for Florida Blue. Our team of agents has expert knowledge on the plans and options offered by Florida Blue, plus preferred access to help you with claims issues, and questions related to your plan.

Work directly with a licensed agent at no additional cost!

When you work with a John Douglas Insurance agent, you receive personalized guidance tailored to you and your family. Our one-on-one approach ensures that you find the perfect Florida Blue plan that meets your unique health insurance needs. We consider various factors to narrow down the best coverage for you and your family.

Health Insurance Eligibility: Who Qualifies?

Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, health insurance has become accessible to everyone, including those with preexisting conditions. Your premium, or monthly bill, is determined by factors such as your age, income, tax filing status, and zip code. Premium Tax Credits are available for qualifying individuals, with more than 90% of Florida residents eligible for subsidy according to

Why Choose a John Douglas Insurance Agent?

Navigating the insurance landscape and marketplace on your own can be overwhelming. Let our agents take care of the enrollment process for you. Your agent serves as your advocate and can provide support and guidance whenever you need it. Additionally, your premium remains the same cost with or without our help, ensuring a seamless experience.

Understanding Health Insurance:
Key Terms You Need to Know


When you enroll in a health plan, the insurance company agrees to pay for preventative services and part of your medical bills when needed.


Visiting a doctor, hospital, or health care facility that is part of your insurance company’s network, which typically results in lower prices.


Health care received from a non-network provider, which can be more expensive and subject to deductibles and copayments.


Monthly payments made to your insurance company for coverage.


The dollar amount you pay out of pocket before benefits are available under your health plan.


The percentage you pay for covered health care services after meeting your deductible.


A flat fee you pay for covered medical services.

Out-of-pocket max:

The highest amount you pay for covered services during a benefit period.


Financial assistance from the government to help pay part of your premium.

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